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Soft Girls & Boys (U9)without Licence2014 to 2016
Cross Girls & Boys (U11)without Licence2012/2013
Rock Girls & Boys (U13)without Licence2010/2011
Mega Girls & Boys (U15)without Licence2008/2009
Hard Girls & Boys (U17)without Licence2006/2007

Girls and boys will be judged separately.


The categories Soft and Cross will complete a skill course and a short cross-country race. The race should last 4-8 minutes (soft) and 6-12 minutes (cross). The winner is the rider who has collected the least ranking points in both competitions.

The categories Rock, Mega and Hard will run a cross-country race. The target race duration is 25-35 minutes (Rock), 35-45 minutes (Mega) and 45-55 minutes (Hard).

The first 10 girls and 10 boys in each category usually receive a prize in kind.

You will find details in the regulation.


CategoryStart feeOnline late registration Late registration on site
Soft Girls & Boys (U9)20.-10.-10.-
Cross Girls & Boys (U11)20.-10.-10.-
Rock Girls & Boys (U13)30.-10.-10.-
Mega Girls & Boys (U15)30.-10.-10.-
Hard Girls & Boys (U17)30.-10.-10.-


Online registration: 1 week before the race, on Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

Online late registration deadline: Wednesday before the race at 11:59 p.m. each day

Late registration on site: on race day until 1 h before the start