Gusto Ride Brunch


Sunday, 26 March 2023

Start window: 09:00 - 09:30 am

CHF 40.-

Late registrations are possible on-site until one hour before the end of the start window of the respective tour.

Difficulty ratings for mountain bike single trails:

The Single Track Scale comprises six difficulty ratings, ranging from S0 - S5. The difficulty rating of your Tours is graded according to this scale. The difficulties are graded based on the constitution of the trail, the types of obstacles present, the gradient, the type of and angle of curves and — therefore — the technical skills required to safely pass.


The most important points of the adventure tour are signposted on-site. When you register, you will receive the exact tour as a komoot GPS route with a region bundle voucher worth EUR 8.99 and can start biking with your GPS device.

You can already discover the stops of the tour virtually on the komoot Collection:

Elevation profile

On the Gusto Ride Brunch you can expect 290 metres in altitude over 17 kilometres. On the way, you will get to know the surroundings of the Rivera.

Pleasure and free bike testing

Start the (e-)bike season in a Mediterranean ambience and test the latest 2023 bike trends at the same time?

Our partner THÖMUS will provide you with great e-mountain bikes for testing at the Gusto Rides in Rivera. Free of charge! Book the new THÖMUS LONGRIDER E2 for your Gusto Ride now.


On the Gusto Rides in the Tamaro region you will discover the culinary and scenic highlights around Rivera on an enjoyable (e-)bike tour.

The final route will be published shortly before the event. Here you can get a first glimpse:

Oratory of Santa Maria delle Grazie

After a leisurely start, you reach the oratory of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Soresina.

The families of Soresina undertook the construction of the place of worship in 1715, completing the building in 1725. In 1819, following a design by Giovan Battista Curonici, it was decided to enlarge the building and the oratory took on the neo-classical appearance that we can still admire today.

Oratory of St. Sebastian and St. Rocco

Continue to the oratory of St. Sebastian and St. Rocco, which you can admire after a short journey.

The oratory is of late 16th-century origin. In 1872, the Rivera patriciate donated the wooden statue of St. Roch by the Milanese carver Francesco Angiolina to the oratory. Restorations in 1906-1908 gave us the oratory in its present form, characterised by neo-Gothic decorations.

Are you starting to get hungry? Then off to the brunch location!

Brunch at the Casa dei Landfogti

At the end of the tour, you'll enjoy a well-deserved and indulgent brunch at the Casa dei Landfogti.

The Casa degli Landfogti is located in a place steeped in history, whose name sums up its destiny: the Bricola. The term, which comes from Celtic, means "little wineskin" and indicates that there was already an inn with a rest stop in ancient times where travellers, whether merchants or pilgrims, found refreshment.

ÖKK Photo Trap

Of course, you don't have to go home empty-handed. As a special, the ÖKK photo trap awaits you always smile! Don't worry, you will be made aware of it before the photo spot, so that nothing stands in the way of your personal, unforgettable action picture. Cheese!

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