Velo Gusto Medio Velo Gusto Medio

Velo Gusto Medio

Tour Package:

  • Experience with guides and celebrities

  • ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION trail bike shirt

  • Culinary delights and local specialities along the way

  • GPS data and signposted routes

  • E-bike charging stations

  • Start number and finisher drink

  • Event village with bike expo, pump track, bike tests and festivities


On the "Velo Gusto Medio" tour, you can expect 950 metres of altitude difference over 33 kilometres. On the way, you will pass 9 stations and get to know the surroundings of the Rivera.

Here you can take a look at the route. The most important points of the adventure tour are signposted on site.

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Chestnut Forest Experience

After a short paved trail, the first flowing single trails begin. After a few kilometres you reach the sparse chestnut forests of Robasacco. How important chestnuts used to be for the area around Monte Tamaro? Find out over a delicious coffee.

Chestnut forests of Robasacco

Maroni Wald

Strava segment Colombo

The route continues - sometimes paved, sometimes on single track - uphill towards the highest point of today's tour. Have you always wanted to know how you would fare against a participant in the Olympic Games? Here we go: on the marked ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION Strava segment you can virtually test yourself against local hero Filippo Colombo.

Strava Segment

Coffee and cake in the chestnut village

Now it's downhill, first on an easy descent, before flowing trails take you towards Pianturin. Enjoy a delicious chestnut cake in the beautiful, typical Ticino village. After a little refreshment with a wonderful view of the Magadino plain, you continue downhill on crisp trails into the valley.

Maroni Dorf

Surprise in the traditional factory

Once you arrive at the Magadino Plain, a universe of pleasurable moments awaits you. Welcome to the world of Stella. The traditional local company has always produced its own products, fine-tuning innovative recipes and offering chocolate lovers a wide range of specialities - especially organic and fair trade. Indulge in Stella's sweet surprises and fill your bidon with Sponser Sport Food before you set off.


Barley mill

Along the picturesque Ticino you get rolling again, shortly before the next highlight stop, it's a short and crisp uphill. Barley has been milled in the Mulino del Precassino for many years. Today, too, you can enjoy an original Ticino barley soup as a starter. Then it's on to the main course - let yourself be surprised.

Gersten Mühle

Risotto fun with a rustic ambience

What would Ticino be without risotto? In the beautiful, rustic courtyard of the Antica sosta dei viandanti you can fortify yourself with a typical Ticino risotto for the second, no less spectacular part of the Velo Gusto Tour.

Risotto Plausch

Dolce far niente

After a flat digestive ride comes the "dessert": Wine belongs to Ticino like water to the sea. At the Cantine il Cavaliere Contone, taste the classic Ticino Merlot as well as unknown treasures from the local wine cellar. But don't be tempted, because the finale of the Velo Gusto Tour is still waiting for you.

Dolce far niente

In the footsteps of the Romans

At the end, the route leads steeply back up to Monte Ceneri in the footsteps of the ancient Romans. The excess calories of the day are burnt off before the finisher's drink in the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION Event Village gives you fresh energy again.

Römer Weg

ÖKK Photo Trap

Of course, you don't have to go home empty-handed. As a special, the ÖKK photo trap awaits you - always smile! Don't worry, you will be made aware of it before the photo spot, so that nothing stands in the way of your personal, unforgettable action picture. Cheese!

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