BMX-Star Chris Böhm in Huttwil


Chris Böhm - best known BMX pro in the German speaking area & current Guinness World Record holder

His life revolves around BMX and his BMX bike revolves around him. Chris Böhm is the most successful BMX athlete in the German-speaking area and whirls from record to record with his bike. The flatland specialist is a multiple champion, two-time Guinness World Record holder and has also won countless awards such as the winner of "Wetten Dass" in Holland. He is an incredible entertainer and has the license to inspire you. Flatland is a discipline of freestyle BMX where the acrobatics on the bike take place on flat ground. He is the inventor of therapeutic BMX training for mentally ill children in the hospital in the Dreiländereck Lörrach. (Worldwide unique) His shows electrify by irrepressible joy of life, sporty highest level and never seen combinations! Chris Böhm is content creator for well-known companies. He has over 2M followers on his social media channels and builds various brands / corporations through professional storytelling.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

BMX Show: 16:00-16:20

BMX World Record attempt: 18:00-18:20