Race report Tamaro Trophy


Strong performance of Mathias Flückiger at the first race of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION 2023

He wins with a big lead ahead of Vital Albin and Luca Schätti. The Italian champion Martina Berta wins the women's race.

Bernese mountain biker Mathias Flückiger is back on the top step of the podium. At the mountain bike race in Rivera, Flückiger pulled away from the field already in the first of seven laps and continuously extended his lead. In the end he was 2.30 laps ahead. The race behind Flückiger was more exciting. First Lars Forster was thrown back with a flat tyre. His team mate Vital Albin took over the chase from Flückiger. In the end, the man from Grisons came in second. Luca Schätti followed in third place.

The women's race was also won by a national champion. It was Martina Berta from Italy. She took the lead in the third of six laps and did not relinquish it. Berta was followed by Sina Frei and Nicole Koller. The world number 1 Alessandra Keller was fifth.

More than 700 participants fought for the day's victory in the categories top sport, junior sport and mass sport in Rivera. The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION continues in just over a month, on 6 + 7 May, with the City Spectacle in Chur, the home of world champion Nino Schurter.

Ranking Elite Men

1. Mathias Flückiger, SUI, 1:31.08

2. Vital Albin, SUI, + 2.23

3. Luca Schätti, SUI, + 2.47

4. Juri Zanotti, ITA, + 3.05

5. Lars Forster, SUI, + 3.13

Ranking Elite Women

1. Martina Berta, ITA, 1:31.57

2. Sina Frei, SUI, + 0.23

3. Nicole Koller, SUI, + 0.52

4. Ronja Blöchlinger, SUI, + 1.10

5. Alessandra Keller, SUI, + 1.46

The complete ranking lists including race analyses can be found at https://velocorner.ch/de/oekkbikerevolution/tamaro/results.