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Home sweet home: Mathias Flückiger wins in Huttwil

Mountain bike spectacle in Oberaargau. Mathias Flückiger wins his home race at the final of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION in Huttwil and thrills the more than 8,000 fans on site. In the women's race, Alessandra Keller from Nidwald secured the day's victory.

At the international mountain bike race of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION in Huttwil, fans could enjoy exciting races. Athletes from over 20 nations took part in the Oberaargau. Among them were this year's World Cup winners Lars Forster and Mathias Flückiger as well as the world number 1 Alessandra Keller or the 2018 world champion Kate Courtney from the USA.

In the elite women's race, the same Keller and Courtney were able to pull away from the field already in the first lap. It quickly became clear that the victory would go to these two. Good for Keller, she absolutely needed a top 2 place to decide the overall standings for herself. But today Keller was just too strong. In the end the American had to let go and Alessandra Keller celebrated her second win of the season in the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION. Courtney came in second. The U23 World Champion Samara Maxwell from New Zealand came in third. With the victory Keller also made the triumph in the overall ranking clear.

Mathias Flückiger was the centre of interest in the elite men's race. The local hero attracted many fans who created a great atmosphere. Flückiger was visibly spurred on by this and was already outrunning the rest of the field in the first half of the race. Flückiger was not going to let anyone take this victory away from him. Behind Flückiger, Joel Roth rode a lonely race in second place. The battle for third place was different. Martins Blums, Vital Albin, Marcel Guerrini and Lars Forster were in the mix. With the better end for Blums. The Latvian celebrated his first podium place at his first participation in the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION.

In the overall standings, the virtual lead changed practically every lap. In the end Lars Forster won with 10 points ahead of Vital Albin and Mathias Flückiger, who made the Thömus triple victory perfect.

More than 800 participants moved their mountain bikes during the weekend in various races and formats, from top sport to children's races and tours for amateur athletes. No other cross-country mountain bike race in Switzerland attracted more participants this year.

The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION will continue in 2024. The calendar with 5-6 races will be communicated in the next few weeks.

Ranking elite man

1. Mathias Flückiger, SUI, Thömus maxon, 1:20.17

2. Joel Roth, SUI, BIXS Performance Team, + 0.20

3. Martins Blums, LAT, KMC Racing Team, + 0.27

4. Vital Albin, SUI, Thömus maxon, + 0.29

5. Lars Forster, SUI, Thömus maxon, + 0.47

Ranking elite women

1. Alessandra Keller, SUI, Thömus maxon, 1:20.17

2. Kate Courtney, USA, Scott Sram Team, + 0.26

3. Samara Maxwell, NZL, Cycling NZ, + 2.47

4. Nicole Koller, SUI, Ghost Factory, + 3.36

5. Haley Batten, USA, Specialized Team, + 4.17

The complete ranking lists including race analyses can be found at

Race report Huttwil 2023




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Keller and Forster win premiere in Davos

The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION stopped in Davos for the first time this weekend. And the first entry in the history books was secured by Alessandra Keller in the women's race and Lars Forster in the men's race.

The fourth of five rounds of the Swiss mountain bike series took place in Davos in wonderful summer weather. In the women's race, Alessandra Keller said goodbye to her pursuers already in the second of eight laps. The woman from Central Switzerland was able to continuously increase her lead, and her fastest lap time was at the halfway point of the race. Behind Alessandra Keller, Nicole Koller and Sina Frei fought a duel for second place. In the end, Koller had more energy in the tank and was able to enjoy second place.

The numerous fans could also enjoy a similar race course in the men's race. Here it was Lars Forster, the winner of the World Cup in Leogang, who pulled away in the second lap. Behind him, a trio formed with Vital Albin, Joel Roth and 35-time mountain bike World Cup winner Nino Schurter. While Forster was able to extend his lead from lap to lap, the three chasers alternated in places 2-4. In the sixth of nine laps, Joel Roth had to let his two opponents go. In the end, he finished fourth. So the fight for second place was a purely Grisons affair. And it was Vital Albin who made the Thömus maxon double victory in Davos perfect with his second place.

The weekend in Davos was characterised by a lot of mountain biking. Over 600 children and amateur athletes took part in various races, courses and tours and enjoyed the beautiful landscape in and around Davos. The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION now takes a summer break and then celebrates the big season finale in Huttwil on 2 and 3 September.

Ranking elite men

1. Lars Forster, Reiden, Thömus maxon, 1:16.50

2. Vital Albin, Chur, Thömus maxon, + 0.30

3. Nino Schurter, Chur, Scott Sram MTB Team, + 1.12

4. Joel Roth, Aarau, BiXS Performance, + 1.34

5. Andrin Frischknecht, Scott Sram MTB Team, + 2.20

Ranking elite women

1. Alessandra Keller, Ennetbürgen, Thömus maxon, 1:19.59

2. Nicole Koller, St. Gallenkappel, Ghost Factory, + 1.38

3. Sina Frei, Uetikon, Specialized, + 2.36

4. Paula Gorycka, Polen, Strüby Sting, + 3.52

5. Samara Maxwell, Neuseeland, + 3.53

The complete ranking lists including race analyses can be found at

Race report Davos 2023




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La Gruyère joins the Bike Revolution

La Gruyère will become the sixth stage of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION. From 2024, it will host top-class cross-country races and offer three days of mountain bike-related events. To launch, two of the popular and enjoyable Gusto Rides will be offered on 26 August in partnership with the TPF and the inauguration of Bulle station.

Initiated last year by reigning world champion Nino Schurter and former mountain bike star Ralph Näf, ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION heralds a new era in Swiss mountain biking. This race series reinvents the standards for both amateurs and professional bikers. After Chur, Davos, Engelberg, Huttwil and Tamaro, La Gruyère will now also be included in the movement and will be the first stage in French-speaking Switzerland in the calendar of these mountain bike events, which are already must-haves both in Switzerland and internationally.

In the summer of 2024 (the date has yet to be confirmed by the UCI), the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION will conquer the green landscapes of La Gruyère for a sporty, festive and popular weekend all about mountain biking. As with every stage, three days of events, races and activities are scheduled from Friday to Sunday.

The best are there

The elite races on Sunday are the highlight of the event and attract the best mountain bikers of today. Here you have the opportunity to admire stars like Sina Frei, Lars Forster, Mathias Fluckiger, Jolanda Neff, Alessandra Keller or possibly Nino Schurter. The most ambitious hobby riders can compete in the fun categories on the same courses as the pros. Juniors and children can prove their skills in adapted races.

A foretaste in 2023

ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION is a festival of mountain biking for everyone. In addition to the competitions, a leisure-oriented component is also offered thanks to the Gusto Rides. Hobby and leisure (e-)bikers can discover the region and its culinary specialities at their own pace.

This enjoyment version will be set up as an amuse-bouche on 26 August. The event village will be set up in the Les Crêts car park near Bulle's new railway station, which will be inaugurated on the same day. Kids will be able to compete on an agility course (Kids Cup with ranking) and on a pump track. Cycling fans will find a whole world around mountain biking, with bikes and e-bikes to test, equipment manufacturers offering their latest products, and other exhibitors.

Tasting La Gruyère with Mathilde Gremaud

The event village will also be the starting and finishing point of the two Gusto Rides tours (a short and a long version). These tours offer cyclists of all levels (beginners, advanced and e-bikers) the opportunity to discover the region by taking them to tourist highlights such as the Maison du Gruyère or the Maison Cailler, as well as discovering its culinary specialities. The starts can be independent or in groups. Personalities from the region and cycling guides will accompany participants on this taste rally. Mathilde Gremaud has already confirmed her participation as an ambassador for La Gruyère!

On arrival, participants will be able to enjoy the "Produits du terroir" market organised by the association of the same name. This market will take place in the connection with the inauguration of the station, with which this gourmet version of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION has found an excellent cooperation.

Registration for the two Gusto Rides Gruyère is open from today. And even if you do not feel like pedalling yourself, the event village and the new Bulle train station are worth a visit.


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The world champion wins in Engelberg

In the third run of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION in Engelberg, Nino Schurter wins in a thrilling duel ahead of Lars Forster and Vital Albin. In the women's race, Olympic silver medallist Sina Frei secured the day's victory ahead of Alessandra Keller.

Engelberg in Central Switzerland was the venue for the third round of this year's ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION. And the new mountain bike course offered spectacular mountain bike sport.

In the elite women's race, Sina Frei, the Olympic silver medallist in Tokyo, took the reins in the third of seven laps. She coped well with the circuit and was able to extend her lead lap by lap. In the end, she gained almost 2 minutes on second-placed Alessandra Keller. The large turnout of fan club members consoled Keller over the missed "home victory". Poland's Paula Gorycka came third.

In the men's race, the trio of Nino Schurter, Vital Albin and Lars Forster dominated the race. At first, Schurter and Albin were in focus. They were able to break away from the field and alternated the lead. It was not until the fourth of eight laps that Schurter was able to break away slightly from his fellow countryman from Grisons. While Albin dropped back more and more, his team mate Lars Forster turned up the pace in the second half of the race. Forster was more than 30 seconds behind Schurter at the halfway point of the race, but in the end the World Champion managed to save 9 seconds, Forster came in second, while Vital Albin had to settle for third place.

The organisers in Engelberg also gave a very positive first feedback. Several thousand mountain bike fans lined the race course at the weekend and enjoyed the good atmosphere in the Event Village. While the top sports were on the agenda on Sunday, more than 600 children and amateur athletes were able to compete in various races and competitions on Saturday.

The fourth race will take place on 8 and 9 July in Davos.

Ranking Elite Men

1. Nino Schurter, SUI, 1:18.35

2. Lars Forster, SUI, + 0.08

3. Vital Albin, SUI, + 1.07

4. Joel Roth, SUI, + 2.52

5. Simon Walter, SUI, + 3.10

Ranking Elite Women

1. Sina Frei, SUI, 1:21.23

2. Alessandra Keller, SUI, + 1.53

3. Paula Gorycka, POL, + 3.04

4. Seraina Leugger, SUI, + 3.31

5. Ginia Caluori, SUI, 4.33

The complete ranking lists including race analyses can be found at

Race report Engelberg 2023



British flight of fancy in Chur

One day after the coronation of King Charles III, the mountain bikers from the British Isles are flying high in Chur, in the kingdom of Nino Schurter. Evie Richards, mountain bike world champion in 2021, won the women's race and Olympic champion Tom Pidcock took the day's victory in the men's race. 16,000 fans followed the mountain bike races live on-site.

Pure spectacle in Chur, the capital of Graubünden. The city centre was transformed into a mountain bike mecca as part of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION. One week before the start of the World Cup in Nove Mesto, athletes from 24 nations came to Chur. Among them were mountain bikers from China, Japan, Australia, Iran and Namibia.

But it was the Europeans who set the tone, especially the British. As if they had been inspired by the coronation of King Charles III the day before, Evie Richards and Thomas Pidcock showed how strong they are.

In the women's race, Richards took the lead already in the third of eight laps, extended it continuously and celebrated an unchallenged victory in the end. She was a proud 1 minute and 45 seconds ahead of world champion Pauline Ferrand Prevot (France) and Sina Frei (Switzerland). The two took second and third place.

The race of the elite men was more dramatic. In the centre of Chur, the mountain bike fans stood shoulder to shoulder to see their favourites. First and foremost, of course, local hero and world champion Nino Schurter. They all enjoyed a great city spectacle. On the fast circuit, small groups formed again and again, taking turns in the lead, creating short gaps and then being placed again at the end. Thomas Pidcock, the English Olympic champion, was always there but never in the lead. That changed in lap six of nine. With a spirited attack, he broke away from the leading group and was immediately able to pull away a few metres. Behind him, it was not clear for a while whether and how to react to the attack. The preliminary decision? No, because Mathias Flückiger from Bern, who already won the opening race of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION in Rivera, was the first to take heart and chase Pidcock alone. Flückiger was able to catch up in the seventh lap. In the last three laps, the two riders did not give each other a chance. In the end, Pidcock had the most reserves and celebrated, in honour of his new king, the first big victory of the season. Behind Flückiger, Nino Schurter finished third to deafening fan cheers.

The second round of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION was a magnificent mountain bike festival. In addition to the elite races, over 700 bikers took part in various races and age groups over the whole weekend in Chur. The third round of the popular Swiss mountain bike series will take place on 27/28 May in Engelberg.

Ranking elite men

1. Thomas PIDCOCK , GBR, 1:21:31.0

2. Mathias FLÜCKIGER, SUI + 8.9

3. Nino SCHURTER, SUI, + 46.8

4. Jordan SARROU, FRA, + 50.7

5. Marcel GUERRINI, SUI, + 50.9

Ranking elite women

1. Evie RICHARDS, GBR, 1:24:41.6

2. Pauline FERRAND PREVOT, FRA, + 1:45.3

3. Sina FREI, SUI, + 1:45.3

4. Alessandra KELLER, SUI, + 1:53.2

5. Laura STIGGER, AUT, + 1:58.0

The complete rankings can be found at

Race report Chur 2023




On 7 May, the second round of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION will take place in Chur. The race is listed as "Hors Category" in the calendar by the cycling world federation UCI and thus belongs to the exclusive circle of top mountain bike events worldwide this season. Chur has several very exciting stories to offer this year.

World champion Nino Schurter's home race

The race in Chur is the home race of Nino Schurter (37). The 10-time World Champion and 2016 Olympic Champion lives just five minutes away from the start and finish area in Chur's old town. Schurter is not that close to the World Cup in Lenzerheide. In Chur, Schurter was actively involved in the planning and construction of the cross-country course. And of course, a particularly large number of Schurter fans are expected in Chur. The Nino Schurter Fan Club, for example, will take part in the popular Gusto Rides the day before.

Olympic champion Jolanda Neff is in the mix

She was the big winner of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Jolanda Neff won ahead of the Swiss women Sina Frei and Jolanda Indergand. Since then, her presence in Switzerland has become rarer. But in Chur she will be there. And she is aiming for her first victory in a race of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION.

The Olympic champion does the honours

Team Ineos Grenadiers has signed up for the mountain bike treat in Chur. And so Olympic champion Tom Pidcock (GBR) and world champion Pauline Ferrand-Prévot (FRA) will be there. So both Olympic Champions (Pidcock & Neff) and both World Champions (Schurter & Ferrand-Prévot) will be at the start in Chur. For Pidcock it is the first MTB race in a long time. He is competing for the first time as part of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION in Switzerland.

Field of participants like at a World Cup

The start list in Chur reads like that of a World Cup race. In the women's race, the Swiss Alessandra Keller (world no. 1), Jolanda Neff (Olympic champion) and Sina Frei (silver at the 2021 Olympic Games) will be up against Laura Stigger (AUT, world no. 11), Kate Courtney (USA, world champion 2018) or Evie Richards (GBR, world champion 2021). The men's starting list is also spectacular. With Nino Schurter, Titouan Carod (FRA), Martin Vidaurre (CHI), Vlad Dascalu (ROM) and Jordan Sarrou (FRA), there are five from the top 10. Well-known names like Mathias Flückiger or Christopher Blevins (USA) impressively round off the starting field. Until the start on 7 May, more top cracks are likely to appear on the start list in Chur.

City spectacle in Chur

Chur is the oldest city in Switzerland. And the course in Chur also leads through the middle of this old town. The mixture of single trails in the training area of the world champion and fast passages through the narrow historic streets of Chur promise a unique mountain bike spectacle.

For the first time an Iranian woman rides in the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION

In her home country, female athletes have a hard time. Even more so in these times of unrest. Iranian Faranak Partoazar (34) comes from Shiraz, a city famous for its flower culture, and has already won 8 national championships and 2 bronze medals at the Asian continental championships. She is a new member of the team of the Swiss Claudio Caluori (former Swiss Downhill Champion) and is participating in the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION for the first time.

Many nations at the start

The race in Chur has a top international line-up. It has been a long time since so many nations were at the start outside a World Cup event in Switzerland. The Swiss will be up against athletes from the USA, France, China, New Zealand, Romania, Germany, Chile, Italy, Israel, Poland, Japan, Iran, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Austria, Namibia, Liechtenstein and Belgium.

Youth and amateur sports side by side with the world champions

In addition to the races of the world elite on Sunday, the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION also offers races for children, junior categories and amateur athletes on Saturday. Particularly popular are the Gusto Rides, which put the scenic and culinary highlights around the venue in the foreground without time measurement.

New series, second season

The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION was launched by Ralph Näf (former mountain bike world, European and Swiss champion, today team manager of the Thömus maxon team), René Walker (among others OC president of the Mountain Bike and Trial European Championships 2013 Bern), Lorenz Luginbühl (owner of GFC Sports Management AG) and Nino Schurter (10-time world champion) 2022. The new Swiss series focuses on innovation, organisation and the promotion and development of the sport. This year, five races are on the international calendar, two of them in the highest category "Hors Category" (Chur and Huttwil). In addition to a high prize money of 160,000 Swiss francs (more than in the World Cup), high investments were made in the production of live broadcasts and venue dressing, among other things.

Tamaro Trophy

Strong performance of Mathias Flückiger at the first race of the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION 2023

He wins with a big lead ahead of Vital Albin and Luca Schätti. The Italian champion Martina Berta wins the women's race.

Bernese mountain biker Mathias Flückiger is back on the top step of the podium. At the mountain bike race in Rivera, Flückiger pulled away from the field already in the first of seven laps and continuously extended his lead. In the end he was 2.30 laps ahead. The race behind Flückiger was more exciting. First Lars Forster was thrown back with a flat tyre. His team mate Vital Albin took over the chase from Flückiger. In the end, the man from Grisons came in second. Luca Schätti followed in third place.

The women's race was also won by a national champion. It was Martina Berta from Italy. She took the lead in the third of six laps and did not relinquish it. Berta was followed by Sina Frei and Nicole Koller. The world number 1 Alessandra Keller was fifth.

More than 700 participants fought for the day's victory in the categories top sport, junior sport and mass sport in Rivera. The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION continues in just over a month, on 6 + 7 May, with the City Spectacle in Chur, the home of world champion Nino Schurter.

Ranking Elite Men

1. Mathias Flückiger, SUI, 1:31.08

2. Vital Albin, SUI, + 2.23

3. Luca Schätti, SUI, + 2.47

4. Juri Zanotti, ITA, + 3.05

5. Lars Forster, SUI, + 3.13

Ranking Elite Women

1. Martina Berta, ITA, 1:31.57

2. Sina Frei, SUI, + 0.23

3. Nicole Koller, SUI, + 0.52

4. Ronja Blöchlinger, SUI, + 1.10

5. Alessandra Keller, SUI, + 1.46

The complete ranking lists including race analyses can be found at

Race report Tamaro Trophy 2023