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Talents & Skills Parcours

Briefly explained

The parcours contains 10 different stations. The order of the stations varies from race to race. The course must be completed in one piece from the first to the last station. The children are allowed to descend between the individual stations when moving on to the next station. Descending while absolving a station is considered a mistake and no points are awarded.

Each station has three different difficulty levels: white = easy / red = medium / black = difficult.

The scoring of the parcours is as follows:

  • 1 point for correct riding on the white line

  • 2 points for correct riding on the red line

  • 3 points for the correct riding of the black line

  • The aim is to achieve as many points as possible in the parcours. With 10 stations, the maximum number of points is 30.


  • the obstacle must be driven over completely

  • the colour of the line can be chosen by the rider

  • only one line per station may be ridden

  • only one attempt counts

  • the entire post must be completed on the bike, descending or holding during the station will be counted as a mistake and no points will be awarded

  • do not touch or ride over the side markings, otherwise no points will be awarded for this obstacle

  • the numbering of the posts is only for explanation and is meant for the parents, it has nothing to do with the orde

All the posts are listed below. There are posts with additional rules.

Station 1: Standing exercise

4s stance exercise for soft (U9), 8s stance exercise for cross (U11)

The front wheel must be on the circle as soon as the countdown starts, only after the signal tone you are allowed to leave the circle while riding, descending is only allowed outside the post.

Station 2: Overcoming an obstacle

Station 3: Track lane hollow section

For Soft (U9) and Cross (U11), the black obstacle does not have the same direction of travel. The direction of travel is indicated on the obstacle. For the Cross (U11) competition, the obstacle is turned 180 degrees.

Station 4: Raised track

Station 5: Seesaw

Station 6: Pick up – put down

The ball must be picked up while driving and put down while driving, the ball must remain in the stand

Station 7: Slalom driving

The bottles must be passed on the designated side; if a bottle falls over, no points are awarded

Station 8: Limbo bars

The bar must not fall down, the bike must not be modified

Station 9: Bunny Hopp

Jump over the obstacles without touching, at the white line only the front wheel has to jump over the sticks to get a point

Station 10: Drop, Jump

The rear wheel must touch the ground before the front wheel