Kids Davos


ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION offers not only licensed professional riders and fun riders but also young talents the opportunity to compete with others.

The new ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION Destination Davos offers the little ones exciting races to let off steam.


CategoryLicenceYear of birth
U9 Girls & Boyswithout licence2016 to 2018
U11 Girls & Boyswithout licence2014/2015
U13 Girls & Boyswithout licence2012/2013
U15 Girls & Boyswithout licence2010/2011
U17 Girls & Boyswithout licence2008/2009

Girls and boys will be judged separately.


The categories U9 and U11 will complete a skill course and a short cross-country race. The race should last 4-8 minutes (U9) and 6-12 minutes (U11). The winner is the rider who has collected the least ranking points in both competitions.

The categories U13, U15 and U17 will run a cross-country race. The target race duration is 25-35 minutes (U13), 35-45 minutes (U15) and 45-55 minutes (U17).

The first 5 girls and 5 boys in each category usually receive a prize in kind.

You will find details in the regulations.


CategoryStart feeOnline late registration Late registration on-site
U9 Girls & Boys20.-10.-10.-
U11 Girls & Boys20.-10.-10.-
U13 Girls & Boys30.-10.-10.-
U15 Girls & Boys30.-10.-10.-
U17 Girls & Boys30.-10.-10.-


Online registration: 1 week before the race, Friday, 12:00 noon

Online late entry deadline: Tuesday before the race, 12:00 noon

Late registration on-site: on race day until 1 h before the start